Privacy Policy

Info-Est realizes the seriousness of protecting the personal information of its subscribers.

It also highly values their concern with their privacy. 

Therefore, Info-Est has published this “privacy policy” and “terms of use” to show its visitors and members the seriousness and carefulness they will find in the website.

Info-Est protects privacy in all of the following sides, which are important elements of electronic transactions:

Info-Est never uses the data bases of its subscribers’ contact information – such as trade names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and emails – in other websites what ever the reasons are. Therefore, Aqaratiya never divulges any private data to any third party unless it must do so (in case they are requested by a legal body or the like). It may also provide these data to a reliable party that can develop the services of Info-Est.


Info-Est never takes any information from your personal computers. It only uses the data you enter upon your free will and under your own responsibility.


Info-Est never shares, sells or merchandizes email addresses. It uses your email to send you information that may interest you, or it may use it to save you time and effort in trying to get the latest news about real estate, special offers and the like.


The other forms of contact – such as the address – are only required to make it easier for other clients to contact you about the real estate you advertise. You can also block other visitors’ access to them. Thus, Info-Est is not held accountable for the communications between its subscribers, what ever the purposes of these communications may be.


Info-Est is a direct meeting venue for the buyer, the seller and the like. Therefore, the validity of the information entered in the website is the responsibility of its publisher. Info-Est is not committed to any of that.

If you believe there is information in Info-Est that is private and has been published without any permission, please do contact us to amend the situation.


To the full extent technology allows nowadays, we must preserve security, procedures and standards that we believe are safe. We also must test these procedures and modify them regularly, taking into account the new changes if possible.


A subscriber may cancel his subscription to email correspondence or SMS messages whenever he wishes via the “My Account” page, which allows the subscriber to modify all his information and the mechanisms of contacting him.


Info-Est is not responsible for any advertising affiliations in other websites or what these websites may contain.  


Info-Est retains the right to modify, amend or change the contents of this privacy policy whenever that is deemed necessary and without the prior notification of the subscribers or the like. For this reason, it is important to keep previewing this page all the time.


 In order to provide you with a suitable browsing service, we collect – upon you free will – some of your information such as filling out a form in the website that requests a certain service, or ask you to subscribe, which requires entering your name, your email address, your mail address, and other information. Such information is entered by you and under your own responsibility. Info-Est is not responsible at all for it.


Info-Est wishes you great benefit all the time and is keen on hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to send us any of your remarks.

Thank you. 

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