Membership Account Types

To facilitate the usage of the website. We offer you two different membership types, please choose the one which suits your needs below.

1. Interested Account

If you are not intending to publish property advertisements and your needs are limited to get notified with the new listings via e-mail or mobile phone choose this account type which gives you a simpler interface which offers the following:

  • Receive e-mail and/or SMS advertisements notifications.
  • Subscribe to specific publishers and receive notifications once they add new advertisement.
  • Receive website newsletters and special offers.
  • Bookmark advertisements to your own online favorite.
  • You just need an e-mail address and mobile phone number.

Interested Member Account  is suitable for you if you are looking to buy or rent a property, but not to publish advertisement as this requires the Publisher Account, and it's meant not to offer you a complicated features that you don't need currently. Nevertheless, it's always possible and free to upgrade your account later if you needed to publish an advertisement.

Registration is fast and free, register now to touch the benefits yourself.

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2. Publisher Account

If you want to publish property advertisements, then this is the account type to choose as it gives you the maximum features of the membership account in addition to the Interested Member Account, you get the following:

  • Publish property advertisements.
  • Attach photos, videos and files to your advertisements.
  • Manage your properties and track your activity statistics.
  • Get your own public page that displays your listings and contact info.
  • Send and Receive private messages with other  website members.
  • Receive and Reply public messages from your page visitors.
  • Track who is subscribing at your advertisements.
  • Register your own company and get own public office page*.
  • Let your company staff register online and assign them to the company**.
  • Build your custom portfolio.

Publisher Account is suitable for you if you are looking to sell a property, and need to publish advertisement, it gives you all the tools to list properties on the website whether you are an individual, broker or even a whole company you will find the required tools to publish and manage properties online.


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* companies registration requires approval from the website administration.
** only companies administrators are able to invite and assign other members to be the company agents on the website.

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